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Expert Floor Care in Dallas

Bradford Floor Care serves in Dallas Texas and the surrounding cities. Here at Bradford Floor Care we specialize in many services. Our work is 100% costumer satisfaction guaranteed. We strive for excellence in every area of cleaning. The products we use are pet friendly and baby safe. Bradford Floor Care uses state-of-the-art equipment and cutting edge technology, so that our highly trained certified technicians can deliver you optimum results. In carpet cleaning we offer 3 methods; Hot water extraction also known as ”steam cleaning;” also we offer “dry steam cleaning” with the Rotovac 360i giving your carpets that deep clean (perfect on high traffic areas) with maximum dry time leaving your carpets ready to use immediately, and encapsulation for low pile glue down carpets, doesn’t get much greener than that. Encapsulation is sprayed on, powered scrubbed in with a VLM or Cimex which breaks up the dirt on the fibers, gets trapped in the encapsulation, once dry all you need to do is vacuum, this method is great for commercial glue down carpet. We have 3 package levels for you to choose from.

If you or a loved one suffer from allergies, just let us know. We offer a allergy relief treatment that would be great on those stubborn allergies, also a thorough cleaning of all your fabric from carpets, upholstery, drape, air ducts, to your mattresses would help with the air quality of your home. Did you know that your mattress could hold any where from 10,000 to 10 million dust mites? These microscopic pests contain an antigen which can trigger allergy and asthma attacks. A good steam cleaning would help get rid of most dust mites and other allergens, such as pet dander and hair, then our allergy relief treatment would neutralize the rest of the allergens. If you have  pets, then chances are you would need the whole house treated with our allergy relief service. Just ask about our                                                                                                                                                       service today.

Expert Marble Polishing in Dallas

Does your marble floors look dull or scratched up?  Have your stone floors lost there luster? Bradford Floor Care can fix that. We are bringing a whole new shine to Dallas. This video shows our method of polishing. The video just shows you a preview and starts with an 800. Depending on how your marble floors look, will depend on what pad we will want to start the job with. The deeper the scratches the lower the diamond pad.  Call to set up an appointment today for one of our highly trained certified technicians to come give you an accurate onsite proposal. We polish marble counter tops and flooring. We polish showers and bathtubs. If you don’t want that glossy luster, then we can hone the marble floor to give you that mat or semi gloss look. You decide and Bradford Floor Care will make it happen. Remember we are located in Dallas tx and serve the surrounding cities in the DFW. Call today to see if we serve you, cause chances are we do.