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We love our pets. Homeowners know that even those highly trained four legged members of the family have accidents from time to time. Those accidents can cause devistating outcomes, which can lead to chaotic situations. Depite those fustrating stains that are left on our carpet and upholstery. Pet odor is a more common problem. Not only is our carpet and upholstery soiled from pet urine, but the odor that follows wreaks. Well I’m here to let you know that with pet stains, urine, and odor in your carpet and upholstery that you have a problem. Here at Bradford Floor Care we are problem solvers. As a professional, I can tell you that a normal carpet and upholstery clean, will not successfully remove pet stains, urine, or odor. This will only irritate the problem area and make it worse. If the urine gets into the padding and sub-floor, the odor is considered to be severe and can affect the whole house. This is where we break the level of contaminat up into Phases.

We break up the level of contamination into Phases


This level of pet stains consist of topical (or surface level) treatments. A topical pet stain is defined as being a stain that does not penetrate past the backing of the carpet with the exception of diarrhea. Typically, this level of treatments can be applied using an enzyme loaded oxygen booster in the spotting phase of pre-conditioning. In cases where there are no visible pet stains, but odors are still present an application of Molecular Modifier may be used in place of the enzyme booster.


When further pet stain damage has penetrated the backing of the carpet and absorbed into the padding the treatment options become more extensive. After we have determined the treatment will prove effective, we will mix a batch of enzyme treatments specifically formulated to continue working for up to 14 days. After the enzyme treatment has been applied, and the proper amount of dwell time has been allowed, we will use a water claw to extract the pet stains all the way down to the subfloor. We will then rinse and extract to ensure the successful removal of all contaminants.


When an area has become a regular trouble spot it’s likely that the uric acid and ammonia have penetrated past the padding and into the concrete or wood subfloor. These are rare cases (less than 1% of all pet treatment projects we take on), but may become necessary if a technician determines the stains or odor severity are too high to attempt a phase 2 treatment. We begin by pulling the carpet back to the trouble spot, removing the contaminated padding, sealing the subfloor, performing a restorative phase 2 treatment on the carpet, installing new padding, and re-engaging the carpet. This process has proven to be the most thorough; it’s as if it never happened!

Bradford Floor Care has the results you are looking for with our 100% guaranteed pet urine/odor removal process.

Using a UV light (pet urine has a fluorescent glow under UV light) and a moisture probe, Bradford Floor Care locates all contaminated areas for treatment. Once we have located and marked these areas. We then prepare a specifically designed solution for the pet urine removal. Complete saturation of all the affected areas allows the liquid solution to flow through the carpet fibers while seeping deep into the carpet’s backing, padding, and sub-floor reaching the entire odor source. The solution then re-hydrates, emulsifies, and breaks down the pet urine solids in preparation for extraction and fresh water rinsing. Our Technicians at Bradford Floor Care use a sub-surface extraction method, with a specialty tool, designed to flush out the solution and animal waste from your carpets to a holding tank outside in our van, which eliminates the problem area while leaving your carpet fresh again.

Another method for removing pet urine is to pull up your carpet, remove the affected pad, clean and seal the sub-floor, seal the carpet backing, treat carpet fibers, and replace the carpet pad. Then we re-install the carpet and proceed with a professional carpet cleaning. This is a very effective method, but also an extremely expensive one.

If your looking for an alternative route cause your looking to replace the carpet, then Bradford Floor Care can use a pet deodorizer to cut back on the pet odor while we clean, however this is not a solution to your problem.

We remove pet stains that are troublesome due to the dye in your pets food. Our unique cleaning procedure uses high ph and is included in our removal process or can be used as a stand alone service.

Household Products can also have devistating results. There are so many products advertised on the market today with promising results. Fact is that most of these products can’t deliver the results you are looking for cause they only are sprayed on the surface and do not reach the carpet padding and sub-floor. Over saturation of the carpet with these products can lead to mold or making the stain even worse, also sometimes setting the stain.  Here at Bradford Floor Care our highly trained expert technicians can successfully treat and remove the problem area. Every stain is treated and rinsed.


*Each and every case is unique and can only be determined by a trained professional after a thorough pre-tour has been completed. It is important to be as candid as possible about the specific pet stains you are looking to overcome. As with all aspects of carpet cleaning, pH levels and chemical breakdown play an important role in successful removal. Some pet stains may have caused permanent damage to fibers and no guarantee of removal can be made in these rare, but occasional cases.

Our Guarantee at Bradford Floor Care

We guarantee you that we can improve your problem area if not fully remove the pet stain from your carpet and upholstery. At Bradford Floor Care we are so confident that our method works that if we don’t make improvements to your carpet, then we will not charge for our service. Just remember this is a guaranteed pet odor removal service for your problem area on your carpet and upholstery.