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So your entire house is clean? What about your window treatments? If dust and dirt has your curtains looking dull, grungy, and smelling stale or has bad odor then it is time to have cleaned. Bradford Floor Care will clean any window fabric right where it hangs removing any odor like smoke, cooking, dust, and dirt leaving your curtains smelling fresh and clean.

No shrinking. No damage. Guaranteed!

Your fabrics will be cleaned using a highly-effective non-toxic biodegradable dry cleaning solution. It’s gentle enough to be used on your window shears and silks, yet strong enough to remove years of accumulated dirt. Our technicians will use a  powerful vacuum to safely lift dust and dirt without harming your curtains or drapery. Once having your drapery cleaned will help allergy suffers tremendously. Your drapery and curtains can attract, trap, and hold pet dander and pollen.These allergens can cause allergy problems. At Bradford Floor Care we provide Allergy Relief Services that can help eliminate these airborne allergies not only in drapes, but also in carpets, rugs, upholstered furniture, and mattresses. If it’s a fabric, we can clean it, treat it, have you and the whole family breathing better. That’s a promise.

Your satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed.