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Wood floor Cleaning

Over time your hardwood floors will build up with dirt from foot traffic, with minimal scratches we can clean. This applies to hardwood, engineered, or laminate flooring. Our expert technicians use a special wood cleaner to cut through grime and dirt build up, once cleaned they will be restored to their original beauty. However you may not want to recoat, but here at Bradford Floor Care we do offer floor finishes, to give your wood floors a satin or high gloss look.

Does your wood floors look hazy or cloudy? Is the finish flaking off? Are they dull or faded?

Thinking about sanding and refinishing your wood floors?

Before you go sanding and refinishing your wood floors, talk to us about the products you have been using. We might have the solution that you are looking for. People always ask what type of cleaner is best to use? There are so many types of cleaners out there, everyone has own opinion. Before you go buying the wrong product, make sure its the right product. A lot of wood cleaners use the words shine, rejuvenate, polish. These are the cleaners that a person would want to stay away from. These products promise to keep your wood floors looking shiny. It works for a little while and then comes the cloudy, hazy look. This is the acrylic wax build up. Here at Bradford Floor Care, we can fix this problem, using tools and a process to gently remove the wax build up, giving your wood floors a deep clean and restoring them to there original look. Call now for your free in home estimate. We can restore you wood for the fraction of the cost of sanding and refinishing. Saving you Hundred or even thousands of dollars with our revitalization process. Just ask us for your free onsite proposal..